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Car wash packages


Hot Wax & Shine

Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine is a waterfall of hot pure Carnauba Wax cascading down on your car delivering a hand wax quality finish and shine!!  Protect your vehicle with it every two weeks. Included in the Platinum Wash.

Wheel Bright

Simoniz Wheel Bright is designed to clean the brake dust and dirt from your rims!  Included in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Wash.


Undercarriage Washes are vital to your car's longevity.  Included in the Gold and Platinum Washes.

Clear Coat

Keep your car looking young. Protect your vehicle’s paint with this sealant designed to prevent contaminants from sticking to and eroding your vehicle's painted surfaces. Included in the Gold and Platinum Washes.

Triple Foam

Clean and condition your vehicle's paint with our Triple Foam Conditioning Soap. Included in the Gold and Platinum Washes. 

Tire shine

Get your tires clean and shiny with Tire Shine conditioning. Included in the Gold and Platinum Washes.

Rain off

See clear through the rain with Rain Off, a protectant for your windshield.  Included in the Gold and Platinum Washes.

120 hp Jet Dry

Get your car Flash Car Wash dry!

About Flash Car Wash

Flash Car Wash is a family owned and operated business that has been delivering quality Auto Services for years. No one offers better value in car washing and detail services than Flash. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers’ washing experience is safe, pleasant, courteous and expeditious. Our goal is for all our customers to drive away completely satisfied. We use equipment that car manufacturers use when automobiles come right off the assembly line. We use the highest quality and safest chemicals available in the car wash industry. At everyday affordable prices, our automatic car washes can provide you with a clean and shiny vehicle in just minutes, saving precious leisure time while at the same time protecting your vehicle’s finish.

Find free vacuums at all Flash Car Wash locations. We know your vehicle’s interior matters as much as the exterior.

Pricing & Plans

Easy. Clean. Unlimited. Choose from 3 wash options so you never have to drive a dirty car again!


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